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A panel of faculty including a Justice Studies PhD graduate will discuss ways they have framed transdisciplinary research agendas in their career. Early career faculty will reflect on their job search and a University Professor will discuss her views of transdisciplinary scholarship in the humanities and provide career advice. Come with your questions about career paths with SST graduate degrees! (light refreshments)

Panel members:

Dr. Kishona Gray-Denson, Assistant Professor of Communication, School of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Sally Kitch, University Professor and Regents Professor, Women and Gender Studies

Dr. Aggie Noah, Assistant Professor, Justice and Social Inquiry, Asian and Pacific American Studies

Dr. Jen Richter, Assistant Professor, Justice and Social Inquiry, School for the Future of Innovation in Society

Dr. Heather Switzer, Assistant Professor, Women and Gender Studies

NWSA Meets Signs 40 Years after Combahee
Session Type: Roundtable

Panelists will present the results of two digital humanities projects mapping and interpreting the intellectual and scholarly trends in the field as represented by articles published in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society and by papers and workshops given at the annual NWSA conference over the past 40 years. Panelists will compare topics, themes, frameworks and methods over time and discuss the utility and limits of digital analysis. Panelists will provide tips for using the data for research, teaching, and movement building and will highlight the topics of race, intersectionality, and resistance.

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