“One thing I’ve learned is that the humanities can and should address grand social challenges that confront human beings not only in the contemporary world, but also in the historical world,” Kitch said. “I’ve seen firsthand how a concern from the humanities can be brought to bear on social issues.”
Stay tuned for the latest updates on Professor Kitch's work with the Humanities Lab at Arizona State University. 

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NWSA Meets Signs 40 Years after Combahee
Session Type: Roundtable

Panelists will present the results of two digital humanities projects mapping and interpreting the intellectual and scholarly trends in the field as represented by articles published in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society and by papers and workshops given at the annual NWSA conference over the past 40 years. Panelists will compare topics, themes, frameworks and methods over time and discuss the utility and limits of digital analysis. Panelists will provide tips for using the data for research, teaching, and movement building and will highlight the topics of race, intersectionality, and resistance.

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